Complimentary Trade Show Pass for Retailers or Foodservice Operators

You are invited to participate in Canada's largest fresh fruit and vegetable event!
Valid for both Trade Show days on Wednesday April 26th and  Thursday April 27th, 2023.

Please note: Complimentary Trade Show passes are only available to the following:

  • Produce Retailers: Individuals working for companies that own and operate retail stores which purchase and sell fresh produce.
  • Foodservice Operators: Individuals working for operators within the foodservice market. Operator is defined as those institutions or companies responsible for any meal preparation and sales outside the home to the public. This industry may include restaurants, school cafeterias, hospitals and catering operations etc.

Your name and company will appear on your badge exactly as you indicate below. Where space is limited, abbreviations may be used (i.e. company name).

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Terms and Conditions

I agree to abide by Canadian Produce Marketing Association's Convention and Trade Show Terms and Conditions for 2023 including Cancellation Policy. Click here to view the Terms and Conditions.